ROI4Sales Services

ROI4Sales offers several unique services to supplement and enhance your overall customer acquisition process. We help move more of your sales professionals above quota and accelerate new business revenues. Our team of experts is ready to deliver the following: See our videos

Value Inventory Workshops

This workshop identifies your prospects’ top “why buys” and maximizes power of your messaging.  This one to two day event is one of the ways ROI4Sales is unique in its approach in developing high quality sales tools for your team. 

Go to Market Strategy Workshops

Are your sales & marketing teams in alignment? Are you generating the right kind of leads? Your go to market strategy needs to leverage both sales and marketing to drive revenues. Having an aligned strategy will result in the right kind of leads, with the right level of qualification/nurturing that will optimize the sales team efforts. Extra time creating a strategy that generates qualified leads will result in an energized and successful sales team.

Product Pricing Program

There are three primary ways to price a product: Cost plus, Competitive driven or Value in use. We will work with you and your team to determine the value in use pricing that determines the cost to prospects by the absence of the product or service you provide. We help determine the value based on our Value Inventory workshop and then validate the pricing with market research.

Sales Training

We offer a mix of on premise and eLearning modules. Our courses include: Financial Acumen, Value Selling, Discovery, Negotiating, Benchmarking and Trends, and much more. Our courses include lecture, exercises and of course role playing. We begin with a basic premise: What do YOUR sales professional’s need to know to be successful? Then we build a custom program around their basic needs. TFP Training One Pager v8 FINAL

Sales Coaching

We conduct an on-line test and then discuss the results with each team member one on one. This is followed by a management report with suggestions on how to make your team more effective, what tools are missing and what you need to do to ensure their success. 

Pipeline Management

We offer a weekly look at your pipeline and make suggestions for you to improve your chances of closing the sale. Note: This program is a subset of the Coaching program. Our suggestions will include correspondence editing, how to approach a prospect, how to make effective sales calls, and more.

Win / Loss Analysis

This is one of the most important and yet underutilized sales tools available to sales management. We contact your wins and your losses and interview them. We provide background research and insight into why you won a particular deal, and more importantly lost a particular deal.

Sales Force Automation (SFA) Implementation Support

Do you need a project manager for a large SFA roll out? Consider using our resources for developing and executing a plan to roll out a major program. We will help you with data organization, user adoption, user documentation and developing the pre rollout testing program.


Successful sales tool deployment rests on how objective and credible your delivery is to the prospect. Real comparisons are an essential part of a successful project. ROI4Sales uses industry research, surveys, and customer testimonials to validate our ROI Selling Discussion points. This service is available only with the purchase of the ROI Selling program or the Quick ROI.

Keynote Speaking

Need a speaker for your sales meeting? Michael Nick is one of the foremost authorities on value selling in the world. Michael’s three bestselling books (Why Johnny can’t Sell, ROI Selling and the Amazon top ten book, The Key to the C-Suite) have been converted into speaking programs & are all available to choose from for your next sales meeting.

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