People Will Buy (almost) Anything

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Buy AnythingPeople Will Buy (almost) Anything, If They Perceive Value. I have been known to visit the occasional swap meet. For those of you who don’t know what a Swap Meet is, it is where a group of people come together and try to sell almost anything. I have seen milk crates, old toys, nuts and bolts, license plates, auto parts like mirrors, and old cassette tapes.

Again, I am amazed at what people will buy. (In case you didn’t know, I live in Wisconsin where farmers sell cow manure) I guess the old adage is true, one mans junk is another man’s treasure.

The key to selling anything is finding the buyer that needs what you have. In our business we look for companies that need sales tools to improve their revenue and increase the number of sales professionals who exceed their quota.

No matter what you sell, I suggest you take the time to identify who your buyer is. I mean to really identify the size of organization, the reasons they should buy, the issues, pains and goals they are facing and create a persona for the buyer.

In other words for each type of buyer that you are selling to create a persona that include who influences their decisions, how they are compensated, what is important to them from both and internal and external standpoint. For example, if the CFO is your buyer, clearly the IRS would impact them, auditors would have a major impact, Sarbanes Oxley would have an influence and no doubt the President of the organization would have a major influence.

When I talk to the people selling at swap meets I ask, what is the key to making money at this? They almost always tell me patience. You need to be patient with the buyers. They are basically buying something they may or may not “need”. Then he smiled and need is the key. You want them to believe they will never find this item anywhere else.

I thought about how do I make a buyer feel like we are the only place they can get ROI Software? Then it came to me. We need to do it better than our competition. “It” means everything. We need to be better at discovery, we need to be better at building the tools, training the end users and supporting what we sold. We simply need to be the best. We need our customers to tell their customers that the sales tools they are using are powered by us.

Here is the bottom line: People buy for all sorts of reasons. You need to understand why as well as learn your competitive edge. Value is a funny thing, yes it is in the eye of the beholder, but it helps to use some sort of logic to drive your prospect to the conclusion.

Value selling is more than just selling something that you think has worth, it is challenging the buyer to find a better solution. When using sales tools like discovery tools, a dashboard and a Business Case you help your buyer make a better strategic buying decisions.


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