ROI Selling Core Program

“We can’t afford that.” 

Heard that lately?  Would you love to say “you can’t afford not to,” but are in no position to defend your claim?

With the ROI Selling Software Basic Program, you’ll shift the discussion from price to value before the buyer even has the chance to ask the price question. No prior expertise in finance is required.  Step by step, your team will help prospects envision the financial upside of your solution using professional tools and reports. In the cloud or on your PC we offer sales tools for all environments.

Deliverables include:

  • A Discovery Questionnaire, which guides a sales person through a conversation with a prospect to get the prospect’s own data about issues, pains, goals, cost of status quo, and future changes.
  • A Value Estimation Tool, that guides a sales person and a prospect through a collaborative conversation about the possible impact of your solution, based on the collective experience of your current customers.
  • An Economic Impact Dashboard, that’s ready for your prospect to sell your solution to a board for approval.  Based on their own data, executives will be impressed with the optional waterfall charts, income statement impact analysis, cash flow impact analysis, cost of status-quo summaries, and much more. They’ll also see the cost of decision delay…that will likely keep them up at night.

With ROI selling, you’ll be in a powerful position to demonstrate “you can’t afford not to” like never before.  You’ll do more than just garner interest.  You will get processes and tools to accelerate pipeline velocity and captivate the boardroom.

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