Sales Assessment

The Sales Assessment is used in the qualifying stage of the sales process. Sales people will ask a series of questions, and the tool will rank and weigh each answer to provide a report that compares where your prospect is in relation to industry averages for issues, pains and goals that your solution resolves. In the Cloud or on your PC we provide sales tools to ensure success.

You can leverage the power of the Sales Assessment in many creative ways:

  • During qualification, to help define and uncover pain prospects may not even know they are experiencing.
  • On the tradeshow floor, to shift a buyer from intrigue to interest.
  • On the web, where prospects even fill in their own data in exchange for a report.

Deliverables include:

  • A Sales Assessment Tool to guide a sales person through a simple, collaborative data collection conversation. Click HERE to try the ROI Selling Assessment.
  • A Sales Assessment Report to share with a buyer and create urgency. Click HERE to download a sample report.
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