360° ROI Selling

True ROI is often a neglected part of the sales process.  Did we deliver what we promised, and create the value a customer was expecting? The only way to answer these questions and others surrounding your value delivered is to return to your prospect and measure. 360 Degree ROI is a tool that locks in the data you collected in the Discovery process. We then provide a data entry screen to collect the same information down the road and provide a report comparing the original data to the current data. The difference is the value you have delivered. This process of proving ROI is one you can do over and over again.  360 Degree ROI is a tool that will help you reduce your customer attrition, improve up selling opportunities and differentiate you from your competition.

The 360° ROI Selling program will:

  • Establish a baseline from the foundation you lay with the Discovery Questionnaire and Value Estimation processes from the ROI Core Selling program.
  • Measure actual ROI at a logical interval determined by you and the prospect. There is no limit on the ROI economic impact measurements.
  • Create reports comparing actual to baseline, using the 360° ROI Analysis Report.
  • Reduce customer attrition because you are there as a partner to measure your success and handle issues before they fester.
  • Complete integration with the initial discovery and status-quo applications in the ROI Selling program.

When you make the paradigm shift to ROI selling, your reputation will be on the line.  The 360° ROI Selling program helps you come full circle with a prospect, to not only drive credibility and trust, but open the door for future up-selling and cross-selling opportunities like never before.  The collective returns for you – and your prospect – will pay dividends well into the future.  You’ll shift the sales person prospect paradigm to trusted business adviser and consultant. This pro active approach to managing a sale after the implementation process is one of the most effective ways of engaging with your prospects after the sale.

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