ROI Selling Products

The ROI Selling program is based on the best selling book by our founder Michael Nick. What makes ROI Selling unique is the process. We begin every engagement with a Value Inventory Workshop. This workshop will help us better understand why people buy from you, their issues, pains and goals as well as your solution that supports your process. After the workshop we develop a design that includes a comprehensive discovery document, status quo reporting and a value estimation model. Upon approval we complete the process with the design of your custom ROI Dashboard and Business Case. The process takes about 30 days and is supported by ROI training, support and custom web based follow up programs. We offer a TCO product, Risk Assessment programs and our 360 degree ROI program. You have to option of ROI in the Cloud or local on your PC. After 15 years of developing ROI sales tools, and the best selling book ROI Selling, we are the standard on which everyone else basis success. 

Value Inventory Workshop

Six seconds… it’s what you have to get a buyer’s attention. This ROI Selling workshop identifies your prospects’ top “why buys” and maximizes power of your messaging. This one day event is one of the ways ROI4SAles is unique in its approach in developing high quality sales tools for your team.   More »

ROI Selling Custom Developed Software – Core Program

Shift the discussion from price to value before the buyer even has the chance to ask the price question with ROI tools and processes that maximize your impact. The basic foundation for any sales tool kit must begin with tools that help you perform discovery. ROI Selling Basic program includes discovery tools, Value Estimation tools, a Dashboard, training and support.   More »

Risk Assessment Software

Create urgency early in the qualification process and watch your pipeline velocity accelerate. Check our website and complete the Risk Assessment program we use. Risk Assessment is about non financial impact. Questions are created for trade show kiosks, your website and field evaluations. Each question is ranked, and weighted for an accurate assessment of your prospects risk of NOT buying from you.   More »

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)  Software program

The TCO program from ROI4Sales captures status-quo from Discovery, your value from the Value Estimation program in ROI Selling and a competitors figures from your prospect to then present a Total Cost of Ownership comparison report. The TCO Report reflects value opportunity’s in each of the areas we have developed in the ROI Selling Model. In other words, you are setting the baseline in which every one else is measured.  More »

360° ROI Selling Software program

Compare actual results with goals established during the sales process,  and watch your status as a trusted adviser soar. ROI Selling is first program to offer a software product that locks in the discovery data you have collected and then provides a program to return after implementation and measure the results of your delivery.     More »

 Degree of Fit Analysis 

The need to qualify a prospect well is a major time saving technique. Degree of fit is a custom software tool used to help you qualify a prospect so you know immediately if there is a sales opportunity. You select up to 10 qualifying questions and and score the answer with a level of importance, and Degree of Fit takes over with an automated result and graphical output of the “Degree of Fit”.

Quick ROI / ROI Express

Sometimes you just don’t have the back of a napkin to do a quick ROI Analysis. This new ROI Selling product is designed to capture prospect information quickly and do some very quick calculations on the estimated value you are capable of delivering. We make assumptions the prospect can override, or simply jump over to the ROI Discovery tool and collect more information for a complete ROI Analysis. The ROI Express program is available stand alone or with the Core. We even include the calculations for cost of status-quo and cost of decision delay.



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