How to Get Your Mojo Back

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First, busy gets busy. My father used to tell me the first step in a successful sales career is to cast a broad net and reel it in. Get busy, because when you are busy things happen. Here are a few simple busy activities you can do now:

  • What is in the news? – look for trigger events that may help you penetrate an account
  • LinkedIn discussions – This is a great place to hang out, discuss things you are interested in, and make a few connections with people who have common interests. Join a group or 10, and participate or start a discussion.
  • Twitter feeds are a great place to learn, and keep your finger on the pulse of the world.
  • Webinars – Heaven knows there are dozens of webinar’s going on every day all day long. Most of them are free. Sign up for a few that interest you and share it with your new found LinkedIn buddies and colleagues.
  • Write a plan for success. I remember someone once (I am not sure who) that said to me, “Plan your work, and work your plan”. This is great advice for sales novices and old school guys (and gals) too.

When you are in a funk you need to remember “This too shall pass”. Keep focused on the goal. Talk to prospects, colleagues, and those around you that can offer solid advice on how to get your mojo back. Sales is about commitment in both time and effort. Don’t get distracted with other nonproductive things, you only have a few hours a day of real selling time.

Finally, I would suggest you go online and read some motivational sayings. I love to do this so I can quote them to others when I find them in a funk.

So get up off your butt, and get your mojo back!

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