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Selling Value: The Missing Piece

Posted on October 5th, by in ROI, Sales. No Comments

Do you really know what your prospects are looking for? Do you know why they are looking in the first place? Were you told by your development group or marketing why your prospects buy? Dismiss it! Buyer’s needs come from, well buyer’s and no one else.

Without the insight into a buyer’s real needs, you are at a major disadvantage. Buyers know what they want before they talk with you. Research from Sirius Decisions indicates that most buyers are 70% through their buying cycle by the time they talk with a vendor. It isn’t so much about features and benefits any longer, it is about value. The buyer wants to know they will get the value in return for what they spend.

Remember that sales training you sprang for? Did it increase your sales? Did you get the long term payback you … Read More »

11 Biggest Mistakes Sales Professionals Make in Their Presentations by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Posted on August 19th, by in Opinion. No Comments

Like Hollywood actors, sales professionals put themselves and their companies on the line with every word, taking a risk in the hope of a favorable outcome. Just like actors, even the best, most experienced sales professional benefits from some script review, rehearsal, and coaching.

Here are the 11 most common mistakes that I see on the sales stage and what you can do to avoid them:

Unclear Thinking. Want clarity? Imagine that a busy executive says, “You have exactly ten minutes to tell me what you want me to know about your company.” At any stage of the sales process, you should know in advance what your prospect is really asking. The real question is, “What do I need to know about how your company can improve our company? Will your products or services solve a problem, create new opportunities, increase savings, … Read More »

5 Tips When You Have 5 Minutes With A Prospect by Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE

Posted on August 19th, by in Opinion. No Comments

If you are on the phone, a webinar, or in person, and you have a few minutes with the executive, what do you say to keep on track and be professional? Here is an invaluable framework. Adapt it to your situation, and boost your confidence and credibility.

Imagine that you have a satisfied client company for one of your offerings. You feel now is the best time to discuss your next and higher investment offering. The team, your main contact, is ready to view a product demonstration set for the next day. All your demos are delivered in a webinar. At 2 P.M. you get a call from your main contact who says “Great news! Tomorrow our boss, who is the real decision-maker, is going to be in our office. Rather than just showing our team what you have to offer, … Read More »

8 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When You Speak: Turn Dull to Dynamic by Patricia Fripp CSP, CPAE

Posted on August 19th, by in Opinion. No Comments

Whenever you open your mouth, whether your audience is one person or a thousand, you want to get a specific message across. Perhaps you want your opinions heard at meetings, lead a training session, or you are deliver a formal presentation. Possibly your sales team needs to improve its customer communication, or you’re in a position to help your CEO design an important speech.


Anyone who sets out to present, persuade, and propel with the spoken word faces 10 major pitfalls.


UNCLEAR THINKING. If you can’t describe what you are talking about in one sentence, you may be guilty of fuzzy focus or trying to cover too many topics. Your listeners will probably be confused too, and their attention will soon wander. Whether you are improving your own skills or helping someone else to create a presentation, the biggest (and most difficult) … Read More »

Millennials in Your Workspace

Posted on July 11th, by in Opinion. No Comments

The only generation that grew up with technology is millennials. Gen-Xers had to learn how to leverage technology later in life, and of course us baby boomers had to learn it even later in life. But millennials learned to use their iPhones at a very early age. Because of this, their collaboration skills are off the charts.  Millennials have an uncanny ability to multitask with technology. How often do you catch them in front of the TV, on their phone, and on a tablet at the same time? As much as we as parents don’t like it, this multitasking collaboration effort is a skill that could prepare them for a career in sales. Statistically the majority of college grads will end up in a career in sales.

Let me set the scenario. Millennials are not lazy. Millennials are not selfish. Millennials … Read More »

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