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Millennials in Your Workspace

Posted on July 11th, by in Opinion. No Comments

The only generation that grew up with technology is millennials. Gen-Xers had to learn how to leverage technology later in life, and of course us baby boomers had to learn it even later in life. But millennials learned to use their iPhones at a very early age. Because of this, their collaboration skills are off the charts.  Millennials have an uncanny ability to multitask with technology. How often do you catch them in front of the TV, on their phone, and on a tablet at the same time? As much as we as parents don’t like it, this multitasking collaboration effort is a skill that could prepare them for a career in sales. Statistically the majority of college grads will end up in a career in sales.

Let me set the scenario. Millennials are not lazy. Millennials are not selfish. Millennials … Read More »

How to Get Your Mojo Back

Posted on April 28th, by in Opinion. No Comments

First, busy gets busy. My father used to tell me the first step in a successful sales career is to cast a broad net and reel it in. Get busy, because when you are busy things happen. Here are a few simple busy activities you can do now:

What is in the news? – look for trigger events that may help you penetrate an account
LinkedIn discussions – This is a great place to hang out, discuss things you are interested in, and make a few connections with people who have common interests. Join a group or 10, and participate or start a discussion.
Twitter feeds are a great place to learn, and keep your finger on the pulse of the world.
Webinars – Heaven knows there are dozens of webinar’s going on every day all day long. Most of them are free. Sign … Read More »

A Millennial’s Sharing Economy

Posted on January 28th, by in Marketing, Sales Process. No Comments

Older generations are constantly trying to understand the “millennial.” What makes us tick? How do we operate in the workforce? Why are we always on our cellphones? How can we possibly have 1,000 friends on Facebook?!

The answer is simple: millennials live in a sharing economy.

The research on millennials overwhelmingly confirms this one characteristic. We share. This can be seen through technology – ride-sharing and social media sharing. It can also be seen in our values – saving the planet and investing in brands that benefit society. And it can be seen through personality characteristics – collaborative and team-focused. It’s as if we as millennials are constantly looking to share ourselves, our belongings, and our lives with the world.

Millennials are two and a half times more likely than other generations to be early adopters of technology. The exponential growth of technology … Read More »

Millennials Take on Boomers

Posted on October 12th, by in Opinion. No Comments

Hey millennials, just because you grew up with technology you think you are far more adept than we (simple minded) baby boomers (See last week’s article on millennials). Let me share with you a few facts. The internet was invented by Al Gore a baby boomer, the cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper (Not a millennial), and most significantly Steven Jobs and Bill Gates were both born in 1955…clearly baby boomers and not millennials.

Now that the facts are laid out help me understand some things we are all wondering. How is it that your generation is so dependent on technology? We look at things like twitter, smart phones, and computers as tools with a means to an end. Your generation would parish if we took your technology away from you for a week. How would you communicate?

What You Don’t Know About Millennial’s by Jessica Nick

Posted on October 5th, by in Opinion. No Comments

Written from a millennial’s perspective

“Millennial” seems to be the buzzword of the business world today. The next generation coming into the workplace is of a different breed. We are the only generation that grew up with technology. We were not born with an iPhone attached to our ear, but it was fundamentally developing while we were too.

Because of this, millennials will rule the workplace in just a few years. We are and have been fundamentally learning the ins and outs of technology since it began. Not only do we use it in our spare time, we are taking classes upon classes teaching things such as Excel, App development, and business intelligence. Yes, we can still recognize those floppy disks and that age old dial-up icon on the computer, whereas future generations will have no idea what these are. We can … Read More »

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