About ROI4Sales

ROI4Sales was incorporated in 1998, and merged with Technology Finance Partners (TFP) in 2014, ROI4Sales is a software tool and consulting company that develops sales & marketing tools for B2B companies of all sizes throughout the world. We have expanded our sales enablement business strategy to include other professional services like sales audits, win/loss analysis, coaching, research and training to aid companies in all areas of their selling process and methodology. ROI4Sales enables B2B vendors to optimize their interaction with buyers through better value based selling tools and processes that deliver shorter sales cycles, more demand and improved close/win ratios.

Why ROI4Sales?

  1. Experience – We are the oldest and most experienced company in this space. We started in 1998 and built products for HP, Rockwell Automation, Autodesk, Fiserv, NEC and others learning and building new and innovative products along the way.
  2. Expertise – Our founder and president has written three bestselling books on ROI and the use of ROI throughout the sales process. ROI Selling (English, Chinese, Russian), The Key to the C-Suite (Amazon Top 10 Business Book) and Why Johnny can’t Sell. All books are available in our e-Store, bookstores around the world, or at Amazon.com.
  3. Innovation – ROI Selling (Kaplan Publishing copyright 2004) was the first book to hit the market on ROI. Others followed taking the name and trying to build the quality into their products, but we invented the concept and published it first.
  4. Our process – We begin every engagement with a Value Inventory Workshop. This workshop is the only one of its kind. We come to your site and work for a day and a half with your customer facing staff defining why your customers buy from you, their issues, pains and goals and finally your value proposition. We help determine the issues level of importance to your prospect and your competitive advantage.
  5. Align with your sales process – ROI Selling is designed to work within your current sales process. We align the tools and output with each step of your current process. Solution Selling, Sandler, TAS, Miller Hiemen? It is okay we enhance them all!
  6.  Product options –We match ROI Selling tools to your sales process to help define steps to move a sale from target to prospect to the close. ROI Selling is there for each step of your sale with tools like Degree of fit – to help qualify, Discovery Tools – to collect issues, and costs of the issues,  Custom Business Case – to compliment your proposal and  360 degree ROI – to measure your success after the sale to prove the value you have delivered.
  7. User Adoption Rates – Our customers use our products. We make sure of it. We provide on-site training, follow up web based training, and regular calls followed by unparalleled support anytime, anywhere. In addition we offer a video library for your team to refer to for help on various topics. 1 – 3 minute video training ensures use of the tools and continuing education for your sales team.
  8. Technology options – We offer products in Microsoft Excel, in your Browser, Android or iPad. Technology is not an issue for our team. You pick the technology and we deliver the solution.
  9. Sales Methodology Vendors use us – Solution Selling is both a customer and reseller or ROI Selling products, many of the Sandler Sales distributors use ROI Selling in their process as well. We enhance sales methodologies, like Sandler, SPI, SPIN or even TAS.
  10. References – Call our users, we encourage you to do so. Many have quotes throughout our website. Our customers range in size from $1 million dollars sold annually to over a billion dollars sold annually. We can accommodate nearly any budget.


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